Summer Lovin': Rest

Welcome back beautiful humans!

Summer Lovin’ LebTalks takes on: REST.

In the fitness world there’s a saying: “It’s not how hard you train, it’s how well you recover.”

During the “training” you're breaking yourself down.

It’s during the REST, that the gains happen. The body restores. It listens to the stimulus it’s been given, and responds in kind. It gets stronger. It prepares for the possibility of MORE.

Most entrepreneurs get caught in the “grind your face off” lifestyle, forgetting to take a breath. Maybe it’s from guilt, from passion, from lack of knowledge, from any one of countless things. But the value in taking a step back, doing “nothing,” and allowing your mind, body, and spirit to rest and recuperate is a strategic advantage.

It’s often in these retreats into oneself that the greatest insights come. You can assess the world from a different vantage point. And you can give yourself a moment to remove the burdens from your shoulders and just heal in the quiet.

If you’re one who is constantly caught in the burn-out cycle, perhaps this time is the time you choose to give yourself some permission to love yourself enough to make space for a planned break.

There will be more work when you get back. And with a renewed sense of purpose, a refreshed mind and body, you will be able to meet those challenges with better efficiency and efficacy.

And you also might smile a little more in the process. Wouldn’t that be nice?... :)

Hope you enjoy the show. Hope you find some value in this reflection. Share this with someone who might need a new perspective on “rest.”

Until next time…

Love. Every. Body.

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