Summer Lovin': Quality Relationships

Welcome back beautiful humans!

On this LebTalk, we’re talking about RELATIONSHIPS.

Sticking with the Summer Lovin’ theme, this presents a unique glance into PLANNING around your priority relationships.

Far too often, the open nature of summer schedules, as many people break-free from the structure of the school-year routine, lends itself to a lot of free-flowing events and saying YES to all types of fun, while building a sneaky problem underneath. That problem, neglecting the basics.

Like, your primary relationship to your significant other or spouse. Yeah, that person you’re building your life with? Probably a good idea to NOT leave that as after-thought.

Instead, use this as your anchor-point and stability for the summer. Put your routine date-night on the books every week, FIRST. Everything else gets built around that. Even if you’re traveling for a family vacation, carve out a time where you and your other half get some quality time to check in on each other. It’s not going to magically happen by itself.

Then, take a look at your typical energy cycles as a whole. How many events/functions/parties/etc are optimal for you to attend? Is it 2 a month? 2 weekends in a row then a break? It’s completely up to you.

The goal is to define exactly how many “things” you’ll make space for over these couple months. Now you have a framework to go out and schedule with other friends and family in a manner that allows you to show them you’re making an effort to share time together, but without breaking you down in the process. When you can show and honestly tell people how you’re making specific time for you to be at your best and fully present for them, you are making it very obvious that you care for them and value their relationship in a meaningful way.

Give it a shot. Know that you won’t be perfect. It might be your first go round of this strategy, so just take it as a learning opportunity. You’ll be able to make even better decisions next time with the information you discover.

Hope this helps. Share this with someone else who always suffers from “summer burn-out.”

Until next time…

Love. Every. Body.

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