Summer Lovin': Meaningful Work

Back at it for the Summer Lovin’ series!

This week, our LebTalk covers Meaningful Work.

The opportunity to GET AWAY is one of the most undervalued and under-utilized strategies for anyone in a leadership position. Often, the pull of “so many things needing to get done” guilts you into staying in the thick of the grind, and missing out on a huge tactical move.

As a leader, your job is to see the vision, and steer your team with clarity. If you are stuck, suffocating in the daily busy-ness, you don’t give yourself enough space to breathe. When you remove yourself from the immediate stressors of the work environment, you can take a far more objective look at circumstances, re-evaluate, re-calibrate, and chart a path with much greater accuracy and sense of direction.

This also avails you a moment to recharge mentally. Your ability to think is priority number ONE. Re-assessing your own role, from direction you want to take in your position with tasks and responsibilities, understanding where you are best suited from your skill sets, and knowing how you can be the greatest value to all are huge questions that must constantly be addressed.

As you become increasingly successful, this is imperative to cultivate these strategic breaks.

Use the flexible, open, and happier energy of the summer season to your advantage. With a better frame of mind, you’ll be more likely to look at challenges in your business through a more optimistic and objective lens. You will increase your likelihood of making better decisions for action steps, and you’ll be more likely to communicate the message to your team in a way it will be best received and most effective.

First you must give yourself permission to pause.

Tune in for more insights on this topic. Share with a leader who could use a fresh perspective.

Until next time, remember to…

Love. Every. Body.

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