Summer Lovin': Self-Care

Welcome back beautiful humans!

This mini-series of LebTalks is taking a glimpse into creating a greater sense of wellness and harmony in your life during the summer season (hence Summer Lovin’!!)

In this episode, we examine self-care.

Often, the summer presents a litany of opportunities to derail you from your wellness routines. The sense of freedom, possibility, willingness, and availability of others from the vacation schedules presents a seemingly endless array of things to say “yes” to.

While this is awesome, and we certainly want you to explore new places in life, and take advantage of opportunities to create memorable experiences, it’s important to remember that it can come at a cost. What if you can enjoy all those things AND not burn yourself out in the process (see: “I need a vacation from my vacation”). I know we’ve all been there where we still feel like we need a month to recover before we get back in the swing of things.

This summer, how about you establish your minimum effective dosages for the key areas of your self-care. What are the baseline habits you need to maintain for your physical, mental, and emotional well-being?

This may mean you don’t go AS as extreme on some things, or simply putting these tasks on your schedule FIRST before you agree to another event. It might mean planning ahead when you go on a trip to see how you’re going to adapt your exercise, your nutrition, your reading, praying, meditating, etc. practices so that you can accommodate them.

These are the activities that FILL your cup. Not deplete it. They will be what allows your new and exciting adventures to be amplified! You’ll have a well of energy to draw from, and it will allow you to be fully present.

And best yet, you won’t get to the next season feeling like you’re back at square one, dragging your feet, tired and exhausted. You’ll be right back at it without missing a beat, and even better, you’ll be invigorated and inspired more so than you were before.

Tune in for more, take some time look at the months ahead, and plan. Enjoy the show!

Until next time…

Love. Every. Body.

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