Fatherly Wisdom: Yes Dear

When I told my father I was writing this blog series, his response was:

“I can sum up my fatherly advice in two words: Yes Dear.”

If that doesn’t land any closer to the classic sentiment of “Happy Wife, Happy Life” I don’t know what does…

After I stopped laughing at his light-hearted humor, with my mother jokingly chastising him in the background of the video call, I took a deeper dive into these words.

It’s not like it hasn’t been a comical phrase in our family for years, but under the humor, lives quite a bit of truth.

As my wife and I look to build our life, knowing how to best support her in living up to her greatness and learning how to understand her needs in feeling loved is a cornerstone of strengthening our foundation of the relationship. Sometimes, a simple “Yes, dear” says it all. To be ready to serve, with a kind word of endearment to remind them that they care.

Admittedly, it’s important not to use this in contempt or exasperation. It can devalue the intent behind this reflection. Just as importantly, this intention to serve and to bring attentive love to our partner is not merely from a husband-to-wife direction. It is a partnership, and in such, all parties are responsible for contributing to the success of the relationship.

To arrive as a whole, independent, and willing partner, WANTING to be of service in a relationship is a profoundly beautiful notion. There is an understanding that we are, as individuals, capable of achieving success, but choosing to share the path TOGETHER… Well that is where true magic lies.

In choosing to acknowledge others needs, to see the big picture, and each uniquely serving their role in support of that united vision… that is pure love.

So once again, in but a few words, my beloved father has bestowed his wisdom. With a smile, a little belly laugh, and a simple phrase.

Until next time, I remind you to…

Love. Every. Body.

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