Fatherly Wisdom: Leave the World Better

This iteration of “Fatherly Wisdom” brings me to thoughts of legacy.

When I was younger, I vaguely remember a conversation between my dad and I, but the punchline ended with a statement that went something like: “my hope is that you will be better than me.”

It’s important to acknowledge, “better” was not defined by anything. He had no expectation of some job I needed to have or anything of that nature. He was referring to his hopes that in my life and in support through his actions, that I could become a better man and person than he was able to achieve in himself.

Considering that I think very highly of my father, from what I’ve learned from him as a leader, a communicator, and as a person, this certainly feels like a tall order at times.

What does it mean to be a good man? A good person? A human of character? Integrity? Commitment?

What must you be willing to endure?

What does it mean to stay true to that vision?

As I’ve thought about this all, and I bring it back to legacy, I find it was a testament to much of his efforts. In one’s legacy, it is in an effort to leave others better off than they were.

To pass on our lessons. To share our wisdom. To provide insight and opportunities so that the next person down the line can have a better chance at moving things forward even more.

There is a beautiful gift in this effort. It is merely an endless pursuit. A passion. A legacy.

A “why” that we may, and probably won’t, ever get to see for ourselves the fruit of that labor.

It is in the “doing” and daily intent to leave the next generation better off that is important.

That is the true act of love.

I close this chapter with a simple reflection: How will you leave the world better?

Until next time, I remind you to…

Love. Every Body.

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