Mom's Home-Cooked Lessons: Act in Faith

To say my relationship with the concept of spirituality has been a challenge would be a gross understatement.

Considering the religious paradigms of much of my upbringing, I certainly resented and was vehemently dismissive of anything revolving around a conversation such things for a long time.

That being said, one thing I always admired about my mother was her devout faith in something bigger than herself. I later came to learn that this was not something easy for her to come by, which led to deepening my appreciation for it.

There is one little quip that she shared with me several years ago. We were having a conversation about money and she goes:

“I never worry about money… I feel like there’s like a little money star that follows me around, and whenever I need it, it’s there.”

Now, on the surface, it sounded a little far-fetched. But, upon further investigation of who my mother is, it’ll make more sense. The context also was framed around being kind to others. And in essence, this is a lesson in being generous and helpful. For the belief to come full circle, when you aim to consistently serve others, you in turn will have your needs met. This happens to be from a financial stand-point, but the notion transcends that.

Perhaps a better way to frame this…

When you do the right thing consistently, good things happen.

But, before we do the “right” thing, often there is a dilemma. Usually, the right thing is not the fun, exciting, immediately-gratifying experience we want to feel. This leads to a phrase that drastically impacted my perspective: “Faith is an action.”

Now, I’m not here to tell you to “believe” one way or another. I merely hope to enlighten, perhaps a universal concept, and you can choose to apply it as you will. To me, this seemed to be the most practical framing of things “bigger than me.”

Inherently, we all “act in faith” every day. When you get out of bed in the morning, you take your first step to the ground “acting in faith” that there is a floor beneath you and it will bear your weight. You take multiple steps forward and reaffirm that belief that is established from the first step, and continue to take other consecutive actions in that same light.

Let’s take it to something a little bigger. On the surface, starting your own business is, for the most part, an insane proposition. There are probably other companies already doing the “same” things, that are better funded, better staffed, more experienced, better (fill in the blank). But, you move forward, acting on the belief that your unique disposition, perspective, approach, persona, etc. will be enough to overcome the perceived “disadvantages,” and with consistent work and service you will be able to create something prosperous.

In weight loss, despite countless previous attempts, why else would you start a new health initiative if you didn’t believe that success is possible? Are you not acting in faith that at some point you will find the right path for you to succeed in achieving your goal?

In love, after previous failed relationships, are you not acting in faith that starting again with a new partner you will learn from your past and be able to create something more beautiful than before?

This tried-and-true principle of stacking enough positive, fruitful, caring, loving, valuable actions will ultimately lead greater success in the future reigns. Perhaps we struggle because it means acknowledging the necessary work and repetition to achieve such prosperity. It’s understanding that there will be many small, seemingly insignificant, behaviors needed to accomplish the goal we seek. It means “not knowing” how it will turn out for the majority of the time. Living in the uncomfortable space of uncertainty. That is where the “faith” and the “belief” comes in.

Why would we wake up and go about our lives every day without, with the underlying hope and optimism that our path and actions are heading towards a brighter future?

Perhaps, from that perspective, we are always acting in faith.

If nothing else, my hope is that this reflection challenges you to look upon your current actions. Are they aligning in a way that sets you up for the future you hope to experience? Where can you change? How might you reframe your perspective and approach? How might you shape your experience on the path to one of consistently laying a foundation for prosperity to blossom instead of expecting to have a magic pill wipe away all your troubles in an instant?

May you go forward with a renewed sense of determination and commitment. With an eye towards sustainable success. With a respect for long-term devotion. With an appreciation and celebration for the small moments and actions you take everyday that will lead to massive transformation. To have a little more faith that always doing the right thing, will always end up being the right thing.

And, until next time, I remind you to…

Love. Every. Body.

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