Let's... Get Naked!

Doing what you love with the one you love? Making lots of money and living the lifestyle of your dreams? But it hasn’t ended up that way and you’re wondering why.

The truth is that being a Business Couple, whilst awesome can also be really challenging.

So – does relationship coaching for couples work?
It all starts by breaking down barriers to the underbelly, reworking some habits, reseting your mindset.

What Are You Grateful For?

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Where do we start?

Couples are a team – just like any sports team. In some ways, it is more difficult to create teamwork in a couple than a sports team because of the closeness and history of the partnership. In other ways, it is easier to develop teamwork and chemistry because there are only two team members. But, a couple is a team, and sometimes that team needs a coach!

Just like a basketball (or baseball, football, or any other team sport) coach identifies goals, draws up plays, and helps each individual player maximize their potential, a relationship coach helps the couple identify goals, create an action plan, and find ways to build toward the future while maximizing the present.

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How do your relationships affect your business?

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